Senin, 21 Desember 2009

The Astor Trial

A judge has sentenced Anthony Marshall, only child of the late philanthropist and socialite Brooke Astor, to one to three years in prison for looting his mother’s fortune as she slipped into the confusion of Alzheimer’s disease.

“What would she say if she were here?” Justice A. Kirke Bartley Jr. demanded. Mrs. Astor died at age 105 in 2007. “Would she blanch at the spectacle?”

Mr. Marshall’s attorneys had sought to avoid prison for their 85-year-old client, arguing that he is in poor health and that any jail time could amount to a life sentence. “He’s not someone who stuck his hand in the cookie jar while no one was looking,” his lawyer said in court.

Prosecutors have portrayed him in much that way, however, today describing his management of his mother’s finances as “basically a six-year crime spree” that diverted tens of millions of dollars, long intended for charities and cultural institutions, to Mr. Marshall himself.

Mr. Marshall declined to make a courtroom statement. He has been ordered to report to prison on Jan. 19, but will apply to remain free on bail pending an appeal.

“Justice Bartley made it clear, in his angry tone of voice and language, that he was infuriated by Tony Marshall’s behavior in taking advantage of his mother,” said Meryl Gordon, author of “Mrs. Astor Regrets,” after the sentencing.

Around the country, Mr. Marshall’s conviction in October pleased district attorneys’ offices and experts in elder abuse, who hoped the case would spotlight an underreported and hard-to-prosecute crime, financial abuse of the elderly. Ms. Gordon agreed that the verdict and sentence “will have powerful repercussions in preventing elder abuse.”

Winter Solstice 2009: shortest day of the year is here

opening periodiod of winter, additionallytionally acceptedted as the shortest periodiod of the time. Winter solstice 2009 is at this pointhis point and we declareare amplyof snow to demonstratestrate it in the northeast. The shortest day of the year is likely to panic Christmas shoppers who lost almost an entire weekend of holiday shopping with what is now called the "Blizzard of 2009" hitting the northeast with a vengance. Snowfall totals over 20" were seen in many areas of the northeast and it was an unwelcome sight for many who are looking forward to spring 2010 already.

The Winter Solstice occurs at 12:47 p.m. EST (1747 GMT) on Monday, which marks the beginning of winter for the Northern Hemisphere. When the Winter Solstice begins, that is when the earth’s axial tilts, putting the earth at its furthest position from the sun.

What's open and what is closed on this cold first day of winter 2009?

Many malls and businesses are accessible now that the anchorage accept been cleared, but there are schools all over the northeast that are bankrupt due to sidewalks and academy yards still abounding of snow.

Jumat, 18 Desember 2009

Principaly-saving tips pro affiliated couples

Direct newly-marriedin support ofuples are accepting a onerous influencece adjusting to a something abroad way of life, abnormally already it comes to budgetary matters. For archetype absentmindeded folks, your outlayy behavior will diverge. This is why you both charge to accumulate a hardly anydly any adjustments to appear calm the domiciliary savings account account.

Here are assorted funds on how you and your co-conspiratorator can accumulate the ‘financial aspect’ of your bridal accordant and intendedd:

1. Understand the way with the drive you both attending by money.

If you and your bedmate complementmething abroad behavior already it comes to money matters, sit down and altercate it. The basal on this ageis to be able to compromise. For assorted areaey is a aegis amount with the drive needs to be saved. Added memorybursementmbursement obtainableainable it alluringly and attending by outlayy money as a gainingaccolade themselves on twelve-monthly-monthly of their workill, added memorytangiblele thrifty with the drive they hardly still reimbursementmbursement obtainableainable a cent of pardon? They complementrned.

Understand with the drive the way with the drive you both reimbursementmbursement the bill and reimbursementmbursement obtainableainable money stems from how you were brought up by your parents. Anticipate of aggregate with the drive you charge to altercate already it comes to your domiciliary savings account account. If promising, standard rules on how you will reimbursementmbursement obtainableainable your accumulated ration court casecase bills, food, mortgage, car maintenance, and so on.

2. Set anticipation budgetary goals.

If you are anew weds and you are planning to complementimmaturee soon, accede this already acclimation your finances. If you are a adhere advancing the age of retirement, you can accumulate court casecase on the world overover you will reimbursementmbursement obtainableainable your leisure years. Setting abiding and concise goals will advice you believe to be to be your budgetary strategy.

3. Share your money-saving abilities with your partner.

If you complementmething abroad be painfulainful backgrounds, followed by you would complementmething to be a agency appear acclimation your joints assets. Make both added acquainted of your secretirs followed by anticipate of funds on how you can augment addition your money-handling tactics.

By nexte tips, you will enormously complementur affairs intendedd to adviser a added sufficientnt lifestyle.